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Collagen Casings

Our Collagen casing is fabricated from collagen, which is obtained from the curium layer of selected split cattle hides. The collagen-rich tissue is homogenized under high pressure, ring-extruded (hose-shaped) and hardened and results in a mechanically strong casing. Our Collagen casing are permeable for smoke and water vapour. As collagen is an animal tissue fit for human consumption, the thin collagen casing are easy to chew and “edible”. They are an alternative to replace natural sheep, goat or thin pig casings. The advantages of collagen casing are their standard diameter and strength and that they can be “shirred” i.e. folded together, in long lengths and used for manual or automatic filling stations without pre-soaking in water.

With machines imported from Germany and our patented technology,our Collagen Casings can offer outstanding performance to the sausage manufacturers in terms of consistency, linking performance, appearance, cooking performance and taste quality. The casing is available in a large range of diameters,from 13mm-130mm, with colors clear, onion, caramel, dark caramel and smoked.

Now we provide collagen casings for dried and semi-dried sausages,beef sticks, salami sausages, pet sausages,barbecue sausages, cooked & smoked processed meat sausages,and other fresh meat sausages.

1. The technical data of the Collagen casings is:

Collagen: 40%
Moisture: 25% max
Cellulose: 12% max
HPMC: 8.0%
Glycerol: 8.0%
Ash: 5% max
Lactic acid: 3.0%
Vegetable Oil: 2% max
Fat: 2% max

2. Product Microbiological Condition

Yeasts /g (25ºC):       < 50/g
Molds /g (30ºC):       < 50/g
Coliforms /g (35ºC):    < 3MPN/g
Staphylococcus aureus /g: negative
E. coli /g:    negative
Salmonella /g: negative

3. Sausage Products that Collagen Casings Apply to

●     Different sausages    Cooked and Smoked sausages
●     Taiwan sausage      Crispy sausages
●     Bologna            Different dried sausages and salami
●     Ham               Wiener、frankfurter and hot dog
●     Fresh sausage
4. Packing
Casings are packed in Vacuumed polybag in cardboard boxes, resistant to humidity and air.

5. Storage conditions
Store the casings in cool and dry place with temperature between 10-25℃, humidity 60-70%, avoiding the exposition of the product to direct action of heat.

6. Shelf Life: 2 years
Our collagen casing is made from high quality collagen fiber in a safety and sanitary manner. The product is free from any industrial chemicals and it is fit for human consumption.
7. The production process of collagen casings is:
Bovine hide--------remove the corium layer----collagen layer-----liming-------water
washing-----buffering---acid swollen—-grinding------------Defibering-------
mixing collagen with CMC & cellulose---homogenizing----cold storage (collagen dough)
Collagen dough---extruding casing---drying---coagulating + neutralization----
Drying ---shirring----packing